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The Principality of Paulovia

  A micronation or virtual micro-state which is a historical, political and social simulation. Paulovia was formally established by HRH Prince Paul I on 31July 1998 and made its internet debut as a virtual micronation on 27 July, 2005. 

  Although created for entertainment Paulovia has a serious side, supporting and promoting environmental, educational and charitable issues and associated campaigns through the Embassy and its consulates worldwide.

  The Paulovia Philatelic Bureau donates a percentage of income from sales of unique limited edition stamps and First Day Covers to international charities supported by the Royal Family and detailed on our Charity Campaigns page.

  Paulovia's Loan-Aid programme financed through donations provides small loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world, helping to alleviate poverty and develop local economies via microfinance organisations. This is a revolutionary and direct way to help others to earn a living.

 Citizens and non-citizens are encouraged to actively support our programmes and their own local humanitarian and non-sectarian welfare charities, especially those aimed at education, self-reliance and sustainable farming and domestic food growing.

  LOAN-AID - $1572.90 USD total loans to 50 individuals and groups in 34 countries via   [16-Dec-13]

  CHARITY DONATIONS raised by Paulovia total £501.06 GBP (excluding Loan-Aid) [09-Dec-13]

NOTE: All Titles, Honours, Awards, Degrees and documents issued by Paulovia are for entertainment and amusement only

  Notices & Announcements

HONORARY CITIZENSHIP, UNIVERSITY DEGREES AND ROC AWARDS : Closed to new applications for 2014 [13-Oct-14]

NOTICE: Our stamp bureau 'Paulovia Stamps' is closed until further notice. [26-May-13]

WARNING: A scam website is issuing fake Paulovia University, Letter Patent and other certificates. These documents do not bear the Paulovia State Seal, correct sequence numbers or HRH's signature. None of the money paid to this scam site is used for philanthropic purposes. Their use of Paulovian emblems is an infringement of copyright. Donations given for official Paulovian issued documents fund our Loan-Aid Programme and other charitable donations.  Thank you for your continued support. [06-Mar-13]


  • Actively support social campaigns and development organisations through charitable donations
  • Produce Stamps & First Day Covers to raise revenue for charity donations
  • Support local and international health and education charities and development organisations,
  • Support sustainable environmental and wildlife protection organisations
  • Promote sustainable food production and policies
  • Promote peaceful minority self-determination and global social and cultural exchanges
  • Promote 'internationalism', friendship, understanding and basic human rights 
  • Have fun! 


Paulovia has limited programmes offering Honorary Citizenship  to individuals meeting our criteria and who are willing to uphold the ethos and aims of the principality in their region. 


The Principality of Paulovia has a colourful 'history' as a minor European monarchy. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, war and geo-political changes caused the slow decline and eventual loss of Paulovian estates in Italy, Greece, Russia and elsewhere in western Europe.


The International Embassy and the Diplomatic and Cultural Mission are located in the United Kingdom but Paulovian Honorary Citizens are resident worldwide. To provide a national geographical and cultural focal point the virtual Paulovian Islands was created.


Honorary Citizens can become a serving member of the Paulovia Diplomatic Service by becoming a regional consulate and campaign for a more socially and environmentally just world and raise funds for international and local charities. We have regional  Consulates throughout the world working to further the charitable and educational aims of Paulovia locally.


Visit the Paulovia Philatelic Bureau to view the history and range of postage stamps and philatelic products produced by the principality postal service and buy limited issue mint stamps sets and First Day Covers. Each sale raises more money for donation to charities. Stamps make an unusual souvenir or gifts for thematic and cinderella stamp collectors.(NOTE: the bureau is currently closed for rebuilding until June 2014).



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