Titles, Honours and Awards

  Paulovia operates a simple and modernised honours structure which retains much of the quaint and romantic appeal of a traditional system, but  enables the princedom to honour citizens and non-citizens for meritorious acts and recognition in the modern world. The Roll of Honour names all individuals, groups or organisations who have received a title, award, honour or medal from the princedom.

  Awards and Honours are numbered in order of precedence with "1" being the most senior. Titles are listed in order of precedence. The Crown can make awards at any time but  it is traditional to announce most awards on the monarch's birthday in January and Paulovia National Foundation Day on 31 July.

  Paulovian citizens may nominate individuals, including non-citizens or groups, to be considered for an award. Nominations should be sent to the Awards Secretary with the subject title 'Awards Nomination'. Please do not forget to include a description as to why an award should be considered.

Note: Recipients of titles, awards or honours receive an e-Certificate confirming their award if a current email address is supplied when submitting a nomination. Individuals awarded honours, titles or exceptional accreditation by Royal Warrant or Letters Patent may also obtain a signed and sealed printed document by airmail. Our Privacy Policy applies.

Honours and Awards

1. Royal & Most Ancient Order of the Vine and Truckle (RAOVT)

Paulovia's highest honour bestowed by prerogative of the monarch on heads of state, senior dignataries and most honoured individuals.

2. Royal Order of the Golden Olive (ROGO)

For outstanding or meritous acts of service. Three classes: Knight Commander (KCRGO); Commander (CRGO); and Member (MRGO). Bestowed by prerogative of the monarch.
3. Royal Order of the Companions of Merit (ROCM)For outstanding contributions to peace, culture, science, medicine, engineering, education, arts, charity or non-specific field of achievement. 

4. Royal Order of Merit (ROM)  

Bestowed by prerogative of the monarch for outstanding meritous achievement in any field, discipline or activity.
4. Royal Order of Paulovia (ROP) Bestowed by prerogative of the monarch for outstanding achievement or sustained work in any field, discipline or activity in the service of the crown or state.

5. Royal Order of Caritas (ROC)

5. Order of the Black Olive (OBO)

Secular and non-military order of chivalric Member Knights of Charity and Fellowship.

For outstanding contributions to horticulture, agriculture, Home Farming or horticultural activism. 

5. Order of the Humble Sparrow (OHS)Awarded by nomination in recognition of wildlife activism, preservation, promotion or defence of biodiversity.
5. Order of the Green Laurel (OGL)Awarded by nomination in recognition of environmental activism, innovation, sustainability and recycling.  
6. Princess Helen's Medal (PHM)Awarded by HRH Crown Princess Helen in recognition of meritorious acts & achievement by individuals of 18 years of age or under. 
6. Honoured Citizen Medal (HCM)Awarded to citizens for meritous acts, service or achievement. 
6. Humanities & Science Medal (HSM)Awarded by nomination to individuals and groups in recognition of achievement or outstanding contributions to the academic disciplines and fields of the Humanities and Sciences.
6. Arts & Culture Medal (ACM)Awarded by nomination to individuals and groups in recognition of achievement or outstanding contributions to cross cultural activities, creative Arts and Crafts, or traditional skills
6. Volunteer and Civil Medal (VCM)Awarded by nomination and in recognition of dedicated service in the volunteer sector including NGOs, charities, education, the emergency services, and any other civil voluntary and selfless work for the benefit or in the service of other people. 
6. Medal of Merit (MoM)Awarded by nomination to individuals or groups for specific or sustained acts of merit.

Titles of Nobility

  Titles are normally bestowed by the Crown for the recipients lifetime and cannot be passed on to their offspring. Exceptionally, the Crown may grant a title in perpetuity whereby the title can pass to the eldest offspring, son or daughter, on the recipients death.

Titles do not carry any associated land award, pension, noble rights, right of residence or any privileges other than use of the title and nominals. Titles are listed in order of precedence and are granted for the duration of the recipients life. 

A Knighthood bestowed by the Crown is an honourable title not a nobility. From 1st March 2010, an Honorary Knighthood can also be awarded through membership of the Royal Order of Caritas


TitleForm of address
Duke / DuchessYour Grace, The Duke / Duchess of  [placename]
Count / CountessThe Most Honourable, The Count / Countess of  [placename]
Baron / BaronessThe Right Honourable Lord / Lady, Baron /Baroness [placename]
Knight / LadySir / Lady [first and second names]

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