Honorary Citizenship Programme 2014

This programme is currently closed.  No further applications will be accepted until May 2014. 

  Paulovian Honorary Citizenship is open to anyone with an open mind not confined by artificial borders. Applicants should have a desire to campaign in defence of our shared environment and actively support fellow humans in need without prejudice or conditions - plus have a sense of fun! 

  Applicants are requested to pay a combined charity donation and administration fee (currently 10.00GBP worldwide) with their Honorary Citizenship application. Successful applicants will receive an Honorary Citizen e-Certificate by email.

  Half (50%) of the donation is sent directly to our Loan-Aid Programme. The remainder is used to help cover postage, administration costs, website hosting fees and PayPal banking charges.

  We use PayPal as our main payment provider. Applicants do not require a PayPal account. We do not see your card details at any time.

  Applicants can also send their debit/credit card payment via Skrill (Moneybookers) to donate@paulovia.org (please ensure you mark your payment as 'Paulovia Citizenship Application').

Application Process

    1. Applicants are invited to complete and submit the application form below (Part 1) and make their donation (Part 2). 
    2. Applications are processed on merit, regardless of gender, race, creed, faith or colour.
    3. Please allow between 14 days for your application to be processed as the Citizenship Committee meets only twice a month.  
    4. Successful applicants will be advised by email and sent an e-Certificate of Citizenship within 14 days of their acceptance.
    5. Successful applicants can obtain their original printed, signed and sealed certificate by airmail


    Part 1

    Part 2

    Honorary Citizen Fee & Donation (PayPal)

    Applications received without payment will not be actioned

    Closed Until May 2014

    Congratulations and Thank you! The Embassy will contact you soon.