All naturalized and Honorary Citizens can apply for appointment as Consul and act as an official Paulovia Crown Consulate after 35 days have elapsed following citizenship being granted. Applicants for Consul are selected on merit and equality, regardless of gender, race, creed, faith or colour.

The duty of a Consul is essentially to promote the ethos and aims of the Principality and friendship and understanding between peoples worldwide. Consulates serve and represent all resident Paulovian Citizens in their region and process enquiries regarding the Principality from foreign nationals and organisations.

As part of their function Ambassadors and Consuls are strongly encouraged to promote and support international and local charities and relief organisations, including environmental, health and education programmes and campaigns. This is a central role for the Diplomatic Service. Consuls are not required to offer any information or view regarding Paulovia official policy, domestic or foreign, and all such enquiries should be directed to the International Embassy.  

Consulates Directory

  A list of all our current consulates worldwide can be found on our Consulates Directory page. 

Further Details

  For further details regarding the duties and role of consuls and opportunities for advancement, see  Consuls Guide

  If you are already a citizen you can apply for Appointment as Consul