If your question is not answered here please email it to the Embassy with the subject title 'FAQ'

1. Is Paulovia a real country?  Yes. Under Declarative Statehood Paulovia is a de facto state. See Sovereignty for details.

2. What is Paulovia’s purpose?  Paulovia is a social, historical and political simulation or virtual micronation. Paulovia supports, promotes and runs fundraising campaigns for charity. 

3. Where is Paulovia? The Paulovia International Embassy is situated in the United Kingdom along with the Paulovia Diplomatic and Cultural Mission. The virtual Paulovia Islands are located somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea… 

4. How long has Paulovia existed? Paulovia has existed in concept for some time and has an interesting virtual history. The principality was formally re-established in July 1998 and the State Flag adopted. Paulovia became an internet presence in 2005 and adopted its current form with a focus on charity promotion and fundraising in November 2008. Paulovia celebrated its 10th anniversary in July 2008.  

5. How is Paulovia governed? Prior to 15 October 2010 Paulovia was an absolute monarchy. Paulovia is now a Constitutional Monarchy with a single house National Assembly. For details visit Government.  

6. Can I become a Paulovian citizen? Yes, anyone can apply for Paulovia Honorary Citizenship providing they share our outlook on the natural world, the environment, universal education, development aid, charitable giving and basic human rights for all. Citizens can choose their island of virtual residence. However, please note that citizenship programmes have limited application periods and are regularly closed once annual quotas are reached. 

7. Can I get an original Citizenship Certificate? Yes. Citizens can order a 'hard' printed original certificate by airmail in addition to the e-certificate sent on acceptance. The printed certificate is despatched by airmail (surface mail in UK) and is signed by HRH Prince Paul and bears the State Seal. This service is operated on a non-profit basis and includes a donation to one of our featured charities

8. Can I visit or settle in Paulovia? Yes, in a virtual world you can do almost anything! Visitors can savour the delights of the Paulovia Islands from their armchair. Honorary Citizens are permitted to settle on the island of their choice when they are accepted as a citizen. However, for reasons of practicality and security we regret the International Embassy and Diplomatic & Cultural Mission in the UK cannot receive visitors. 

9. How can I select my virtual island of residence? From 19 May 2009 all Honorary Citizens may select a virtual Paulovian island of residence or 'home' by registering using the Residency Form  Honorary Citizenship must have been held for at least 30 days prior to registration.

10. Can I represent Paulovia in my country? If you share our ethos and ideals you can apply to represent Paulovia as a Consul in your country, but you must already hold Honorary Citizenship for a minimum of 35 days. 
11. Can I contact my regional or local Paulovia Consulate? Not all Consulates are open to casual contact. If an Email address is not listed for your local consulate then contact the International Embassy to find out if your regional consulate is open to Email contact. 

12. How many consulates are there? The current Consuls are listed in Paulovia Consulates

13. Can I buy Paulovian postage stamps? Yes, all available stamp issues, First Day Covers and promotional postcards are available from our separate Paulovia Philatelic Bureau Store. (currently closed for refurbishment).

14. Can I use Paulovia stamps on my mail? Yes and no. They cannot be used for payment of postage outside the Secretariat boundaries of the Paulovia International Embassy or Diplomatic and Cultural Mission. They can be used worldwide as promotional or Cinderella labels on your mail at the bottom right or reverse of mail items. Only mail sent from the International Embassy or Philatelic Bureau can have Paulovia stamps affixed which receive official cancellation or franking by the Paulovia Postal Service.

15. Can I choose a future postage stamp design? Yes, all visitors to the paulovia.org can use Stamp Vote to let us know which subject you want to appear on future stamp issues.

16. Can I buy a Paulovia National Flag? Professionally sewn flags in various sizes are available from the world renowned flag maker MrFlag.com (Paulovia does not receive any money from flag sales). Paulovia has many national, municipal and island flags currently in use. Citizens may also Print-a-Flag today for personal use in vehicles, offices and homes. Please send your photo to us holding the Paulovia flag for our Photo Gallery!

17. Can I buy a title of nobility? No. Titles of Nobility are awarded on merit or recommendation only. However, an Honorary Knighthood  (honorary title) is possible by becoming a member of the Royal Order of Caritas. Membership is available to citizens and non-citizens in return for a donation to charity.  Nominations for other honours are only accepted from Paulovian Honorary Citizens.  

18. Can I nominate someone or myself for an award or honour? Yes. But you have to be a Paulovian Honorary Citizen. Use the Honours Nomination Form

19. Can I buy an Honorary Degree from the University of Paulovia? Yes. Honorary Degrees are available in return for a donation to charity. However, Honorary Doctorates and Fellowships are only awarded on merit by the Chancellor of the University of Paulovia. These are restricted to a maximum of four per year.

20. Can I use photos or quote from Paulovia.org? All images and material on Paulovia.org is Copyright so we request you do not use photos and text for personal websites without asking permission first. Once you have permission please include a link to Paulovia.org and send us the URL of this link. Short quotes are permissible for reviews and academic work. Again, please ask first and send us a link to the page containing our material. We may be able to offer more information or unique material for your work if you contact us first.

21. Are you insane? Possibly. But there must be a lot of crazy people out there as our citizen list expands daily!

22. Can I submit photos or articles to Paulovia.org? Yes! Citizens are encouraged to submit photos of themselves with a Paulovia Print-a-Flag or engaged in worthwhile social or charitable activities. Just a few lines can add much to our newsletters and articles of any size are welcomed on any subject sympathetic with our ethos, ideals, charities and campaigns. Copyright remains with authors but royalty free rights are granted to Paulovia.org implicitly by submitting work for publication. Send your photos and work to the Embassy

23. Can I donate money direct to charities promoted on Paulovia.org? Yes! All visitors and Citizens can help us reach our Fundraising targets. Donations are through our dedicated sponsor pages based on the secure charity giving site Justgiving.com Our sponsor page links, campaign reports and donation links are on our Charity Campaigns pages. This method of donation is safe and your money goes directly to the charities. Paulovia.org is not involved in the collection of money nor do we see any of your card or account details. Alternatively, all our featured charities and organisations have their own website where donations can usually be made.

24. Can I help Paulovia’s Campaigns without donating money? Yes! Non-citizens and Citizens can support most of our featured organisations and charities shown in our Links in their own region and countries by promoting them locally or working for them. Citizens involved in such work are encouraged to send us photos for publication in our Photo Gallery.  Also, if you have your own website or blog, a link to www.paulovia.org homepage or Charity Campaigns page will help too!

25. Do you have a gift shop? No. We have assessed a number of trading partners with a view to opening a franchised online gift shop but none have proved favourable. 

26. Do you have a forum? No. We have no plans to develop one unless sufficient citizens request the service.

27. Can I donate money to Paulovia.org? Yes. Their is a button on our home page where visitors and all citizens of a generous nature can donate to Paulovia.org to help us maintain our website and expand our programme of support for worthwhile causes. All benefactors will be acknowledged officially unless requested otherwise.

28. What is a micronation? A wide ranging question which is too large for a FAQ. Have a look at our Links for sites with micronation related information or search for related sites on the web including Wikipedia. Warning:  Not all micronations are as long established, benevolent, transparent or peaceful as Paulovia.

29. Can I have a Treaty of Recognition with my micronation? No. Paulovia no longer enters into individual micronational treaties. If your micronation fulfils certain criteria under Declarative Statehood, then it has our de facto recognition. However, we welcome friendly communications and the exchange of virtual consulates with non-extreme micronations for micronational development and co-operation.

30. Does Paulovia have armed forces? No. The general concept of virtual or micronational war and the need for virtual armed forces is no longer accepted or recognised by Paulovia. Any concept of war, virtual or otherwise, is contrary to our ethos, ideals and purpose in the 21st century. Paulovia only maintains a small and strictly ceremonial Royal Guard (Regia Evzone) for virtual tourism, royal prestige and historical continuity.

31. Do you have a newsletter? Yes. The Embassy issues at least one e-newsletter per year and subscription is part of the normal terms and conditions when applying for citizenship. Citizens may unsubscribe at any time.

32. Do you have any religious affliations? No! Paulovia.org is totally secular and non-sectarian and based on inclusivity. We donate monies to charity based on need not on race, colour, religion or nationality.

Last Update: 09 December 2013