Flag Days

Official flag days commemorate Paulovian events, anniversaries and special celebrations. Additional dates maybe announced by Royal Decree.

January 9                         Royal Wedding Anniversary 
January 24                        Official birthday HRH Prince Paul I 

February 20                      Amarantine Island Flag Day and Festival 

April 14                              Birthday of HRH Crown Princess Helen 

May 3                                 Birthday of HSH, Princess Andriana

May 25                               Family Day (Royal Engagement Anniversary)   

June 5                                Andreas Island Flag Day and Festival    

July 31                               Paulovia National Day (Foundation)

August 2                             Omorfee Island Flag Day and Festival  

August 31                           National Flag Day 

September 25                    Miraggio Island Flag Day and Festival 

September                         Harvest Celebration  (Last Sunday)

October                              National Maritime Day (First Monday)

 November 10                    National Charity Giving Day 


 December 14                    Mandrakis Island Polis Day  

 December 18                     Government Service Flag Day 

  December 28                     Grand Duke Constantine Day