Honorary Degrees

  Honorary Degrees are available to all visitors (citizens and non-citizens) for payment of a small non-profit administration fee* and donation. Half (50%) of the money is passed to our microfinance Loan-Aid programme through Kiva.org. The remainder of the fee covers our printing and postage costs and also helps maintain the University and Embassy website, hosting fees, materials and administration.

NOTE: Honorary Degrees are issued on the understanding that they are for entertainment value only and issued soley for this purpose.

  All Honorary Graduates will receive their chosen Degree Certificate by airmail (surface mail in UK) within 14 days of payment clearance. Your Degree Certificate is sent in board-backed envelope bearing Paulovian postage stamps. Degrees are available in the Arts, Science, Engineering, Maths, Law and Sociology. Please enter 'Your Name' as you wish it to appear on your Degree. 

  We use PayPal as our payment provider. We do not see any of your credit or debit card details and applicants do not need a PayPal account.

  All recipients of an Honorary Degree from the University of Paulovia (UoP) will automatically become a member of the UoP Alumni Association.

Honorary Bachelor DegreesNew Awards Suspended until May 2014

Honorary Masters DegreesNew Awards Suspended unitl May 2014

* This fee helps to maintain the Embassy online by meeting some of our administration costs, website hosting fees and online banking charges.