The Royal Order of Caritas

 The Order

The Royal Order of Caritas (ROC) was established as a secular non-military Order on 1st March 2010, creating a fellowship of honourable and charitable Knights in recognition of personal largesse and charitable acts for the benefit of others. The ROC is incorporated into the Royal Paulovia Honours system by Royal Warrant.


There are five ranks within the Order; Knight (Kt), Knight Commander (KtC), Grand Knight Commander (GKtC), and Marshal Knight (MKt).  The senior fifth rank of Grand Marshal Knight (GMKt) is held only by the reigning monarch of Paulovia. The dress, medals and accoutrements permitted for each rank is displayed in Regalia but is not supplied by the Order.


Any honourable and charitable person may petition for membership of the Order. Membership is open to all regardless of race, gender or religion and is attained by application petition being granted, a donation to charity according to the rank desired, and personal affirmation and acceptance of the Order Honour Code.

A Letter Patent is sent to all members which is inscribed with their name and rank, bearing HRH Prince Paul's signature as Grand Marshal Knight of the Order, and embossed with the State Seal of Paulovia. Members are recorded in the Order Roll.  Membership is for life.

Membership of the Order allows to donate more funds to major secular international relief organisations and make small loans to individual entrepreneurs and groups in the developing world.

Half (50%) of your donation is used in our Loan-Aid programme to fund new loans to alleviate poverty in the developing world via The remainder of your donation is used to maintain the Royal Order of Caritas and meet general administration costs of thus enabling us to continue our work.

 Grand Council

Aspirants that elect to petition for membership of the order as Marshal Knights will automatically be awarded a Chair on the Grand Council of the Order. This permits direct access to petition HRH Prince Paul on matters both charitable and honourable affecting the Order.

The Grand Council of the Order may be directed to advise the Crown on matters of policy relating to fundraising, charities and honour affecting the Order, and the general civil well being of Paulovia.

The Grand Marshal Knight of the Order has the power, exceptionally, to appoint any Member of the Order, regardless of rank, to the Grand Council of the Order if they have demonstrated their integrity and loyalty to the aims of the Order beyond that normally expected of a Member Knight.

 Shipping and Payment

Members of the Order will receive their Letter Patent by airmail (inland post in the UK). Shipping and handling is included in the membership fee. Your Letter Patent and introductory greeting from HRH Prince Paul is sent in a protective board-backed envelope bearing Paulovian stamp(s) cancelled by the Paulovia Servizio Posta.

Letters Patent will be despatched within 14 days of payment clearance. We use PayPal as our payment provider and you do not need a PayPal account. We do not see any of your card details. Your address will be included in the PayPal payment details sent to us.


All persons of honour and charitable nature are now invited to petition for membership of the Order: 

Currently Suspended Until May 2014


Caritas (Latin); Fellowship, charity