Paulovia Stamps and Postcards

  The Paulovia Servizio Posta issued its first postage stamp on 14 February 2006. The PSP has an ongoing design programme for future stamp, First Day Covers and postcard issues commemorating and celebrating current and historical events relevant to Paulovia and worldwide. 

Paulovia is a leading and fully functioning micronational postal service or 'local post' and stamp issuing authority. All issues are 'limited editions' and highly collectable to "Cinderella" stamp collectors (philatelists) and postcard collectors (deltiologists).

Each design is restricted to print runs of between 50 to 500 stamps or 5 to 100 First Day or Commemorative Covers. These are available as "mint" or with "First Day Issue" franking (subject to availability), plus other issue combinations. 

Current and future stamp issues are listed on our separate website Paulovia Stamps in Stamp News

  The Postal Service carries official and private mail originating from the International Embassy, Diplomatic and Cultural Mission, the Royal Palace, plus individual Paulovian citizens resident within 5 miles of the Embassy. Mail is collected and carried by the PSP and handed to the UK Royal Mail for onward carriage within the UK and worldwide.

Paulovian stamps are not legally recognised for the carriage of mail outside Paulovia *. However, Paulovian postage stamps are used on external mail as "local carriage labels". Whenever used on external mail, postage stamps from a recognised UPU member are also used. For this reason external PSP mail usually bear Paulovian stamps on the bottom right or left, top left, or occasionally the reverse of the postal item. All Paulovian stamps carried by the PSP are franked by official PSP cancellations.

 * Termed Cinderella, Local Post stamps or Carriage Labels

Visitors and citizens can have their say on future subjects depicted on our stamps on our Stamp Vote page!

Air Mail Centenary stamp (31-Jan-11)



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