All Honorary Citizens from 19 May 2009 may choose a 'home' island of residence. All Honorary Citizens may apply at any time using the Residency Registration Form below providing they have been Honorary Citizens for a minimum of 35 days. Citizens are encouraged to read the island profiles before making  their selection. 

Note: Only Honorary Citizens of Paulovia may apply for residency. Residency requires a Citizenship Number to validate registration. Your Citizenship Number can be found on the lower right corner of your e-Citizenship Certificate. Once an island is chosen and the Residency Registration Form submitted, you may not change your island of residency for 180 days from the date of submission of your registration. 

At present there are no advantages to having a virtual residency on one of the Paulovia Islands except the pleasure of living in an island paradise under the Paulovia flag! However, in future this may change and residency may entitle citizens to take part in referendum to help decide official policy, vote in local island elections or elect a national parliament.