The University of Paulovia (UoP)

   The University of Paulovia was established by Act 10/05: University of Paulovia (Establishment) Act, on 28 October 2005. The earnest desire of HRH Prince Paul is to provide all resident citizens a first class tertiary education. HRH Prince Paul was appointed the university's first Chancellor in November 2005.

  The university offers graduate, higher and research degrees from a world reknown teaching faculty offering a diverse range of disciplines. Vocational degress are a central element to the training opportunities offered by the university in order to develop citizens for the advancement of the country in the twenty-first century.

  The Chancellor of the University is authorised by Royal Warrant to grant Honorary Doctorates (Honorary Fellows) to anyone meeting the UoP criteria. Honorary Doctorates are limited to a maximum of four per year and are usually announced on or just following Paulovia's National Day on 31 July.

  The Chancellor is also authorised by Act 14/10: University Honorary Degrees Act, of 14 February 2010, to award Honorary Bachelor and Honorary Master degrees to citizens and non-citizens for life experience and services to charity, education, culture and society. There are a number of degrees available detailed on our Honorary Degrees page. 

NOTE: Honorary Degrees are issued on the understanding that they are for entertainment value only and issued soley for this purpose.